Clara, who runs the instagram account inspires us daily with tasty recipes for cooking with insects. She joined the eating insects-trend very early and wanted to eat insects when they were only sold as animal feed. We got the chance to exchange a few words with Clara – about her illness, her food and why she eats insects.

To start off, tell us Clara, who are you?

My name is Clara and I live north of Gothenburg, in the countryside. I am a qualified personal trainer specializing in yoga and Garuda.

How did you find us?

For me it is important to eat with regard to one’s own body (food are taste and nutritious) but where the environment and sustainability play a major role. I think it’s very fun to bake and experiment with food. I myself try to avoid using excessive amounts of nuts and various types of nut meal as these are not so good to use in larger quantities with its high content of eg Omega-6 and then nuts can be very costly for the environment. A few years ago I discovered dried insects and insect flour, which immediately felt like a better alternative with its high content of protein, minerals and essential fiber, plus they require very little resources to grow! In the beginning, I contacted the company that sold the insects that feed, but it did not really 100. Finally I found Josephine I was very inspired by. I was also very well received and got answers to my questions about the production and the like.

You told me that you have an illness. What type? Has the training helped?

I have a chronic connective tissue disease, which gives me ache. My interest in training came early. I did a lot of boxing but I was easily injured and overtrained because of the disease and the pain just got worse and worse over the years made me at times not able to do anything. I was then forced to find other forms of movement, such as yoga and Garuda, which has helped me a lot.

What kind of food do you eat? Has food become more important to you with your illness?

I have always tried to find natural ways that can alleviate the pain and the physical problems, so I started to experiment some with diet and had read about many people become better by including exclude milk and gluten. The pain is the same but the stomach became calmer, and other problems have improved.

You always have very playful and innovative recipes at your page Moveat. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thanks! I don’t really read other blogs or other people’s recipes. For me it’s a bit like therapy to stand in the kitchen and experiment, so I just try different combinations and try to get as much flavor and nutrition in as I can.

If you could choose one dish to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Oh how difficult.  A cricket flour wrap with avocado, fish / seafood and plenty of vegetables. Clean flavors and lovely colors. All you need basically.


Photos: Vegafoto, Michael Jönsson och Clara Dymén.