We will soon be 9 billion people on earth. The world is also getting wealthier and people are demanding more meat – which is a big problem for the environment. The global meat production, and its environmental consequences, is one of the largest challenges of today. That’s why we want to introduce an alternative – insects.

This gluten free cricket flour comes in handy as a tool to lower our climate impact  at a time when more and more consumers are interested in buying foods that are produces sustainably, at the same time as they want them to be really healthy. That’s why we introduced our cricket flour to the European market. Let us guide you through why we, and why we think you should, eat insects.

Here are 6 reasons to reasons to give it a try:

  1. Insects are very nutritious – the new superfood

Per 100 grams, our cricket flour contains:

68 g protein

5.5 g carbohydrates

18.2 g fats,

of which 5.6 g are saturated fats

125 mg calcium – That’s more than in milk!

0.5 g fiber

3.2 g vitamin B2

5 mg iron

Our cricket flour contains more than three times as much protein as in minced meat and black beans. Also, our cricket flour contains all the essential amino acids, and is gluten free.

  1. Insects can be farmed anywhere and take up little land

Insects mature quickly and reproduce prolifically, our crickets live between 6 and 8 weeks. One doesn’t require a lot of skill to know how to farm insects, and also, you do not require a big piece of land. Our crickets come from a farm that use a third-party lab testing to ensure quality and safety.

  1. Insects are eco friendly

Rearing of insects uses less land and water as compared to rearing of other animals such as pigs. Insects also release less greenhouse gases, ammonia and methane as compared to cattle and pigs. Rearing of insects helps in slowing the environmental degradation process. In addition, Insects consume agricultural waste thus helping to clean up the environment. That’s something few other sources of protein can boast over!

  1. Insects can be eaten in various ways

You can choose to boil, roast, pan fry or even sundry and feed off this high protein sources. Some chose to convert the insects to flour, like us, mix it with wheat or maize flours and come up with their delicacy. In case you thought that it is too difficult to prepare a meal with our cricket flour, check out our recipe page.

  1. Insects are easy to sustain

Insects require very little amounts of water and food to grow. More so, since they are coldblooded they require less energy to stay warm and are therefore more efficient at turning feed into protein. Insects also produce much less emissions than traditional livestock.

  1. Insects are very tasty and healthy

Over 2 billion people in the world are already eating insects as part of their diets, so we in the West are the exception. Insects are less likely to transmit diseases because they are taxonomically distant as compared to cows and pigs. Food scientists also extract just the protein, and use it as any other protein powder. Insects are very tasty. Cricket flour adds a mild, nutty flavour to your cooking.

Try it here!