Environmentally-friendly, nutritious and delicious

Insects are among the best you can eat; they’re good for your body, for the environment and for the planet. End of discussion.

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Very few of us have the same cellphone as 10 years ago, but many keep eating the same food year after year. Just like our home technology is constantly updated and replaced by better, more efficient alternatives, our food should be replaced too. We have more knowledge today about health and the environment.

Insects, in general, and crickets more specifically, are both sustainably farmed as well as nutritious. Our first product, cricket flour, contains 68 % protein and more calcium than milk.
We love hearing from you and change the food industry together. Please write us if you have any questions or ideas, want to talk about the food of the future or share recipes. In the end, you are the ones changing what we have on our plate in the future. We are just trying to help you out a little.


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Josefin Strömberg

Josefin Strömberg


People eat insects on a regular basis in 80 percent of the world countries, already today. Because of the drastic increase in wealth in the world, the demand for protein has increased. But a lot of proteins require huge amounts of water and pollute the climate, so eco-friendly proteins are must in the future.

Insect-based foods can reduce our environmental impact

After reading this report and other studies, we concluded that food based on or improved with insects has to become a natural part of our Western diet in the future. In this way, we could reduce our environmental impact while consuming nutritious food.

Insects are among the best you can eat; they’re good for your body, for the environment and for the planet. End of discussion.

The reason why we do not consume insects in Europe today is tied to traditions and norms. But just as lobster used to be food for the poorest before it turned into a delicacy, we are convinced insects will soon be more widely accepted in our modern diets.

Today, we know crickets contain 67 percent protein, healthy fats, iron, calcium and much more. At the same time, the production is entirely natural, with no substances being added in the process.

Not only eco-friendly and nutritious but also tasty

As a happy bunch of amateur chefs, we started cooking pancakes, gingerbread cookies, pasta, pies and bread with Qvicket cricket flour to identify flavours and come up with recipes. We quickly discovered that it was easy to create healthy dishes with a high protein content by mixing plain flour with Qvicket flour. The flavours were heavenly! It was especially satisfying to see how the children we had invited to taste both regular pancakes and pancakes made of Qvicket flour all preferred the latter, much healthier option. It was then we realized that we were on to something; this could be big!

We hope you will try and appreciate Qvicket & Friends products. The more we manage to integrate insects in our diet as a complement to meat and fish, the more sustainable our food consumption will be. Are there any products you think we have missed and want to see on your dining table? Please contact us!

Thank you for reading all the way here and for taking an interest in a more sustainable food consumption!