Amino acids, calcium, iron and insects..

When you make the decision of eating more sustainably, especially if it means more plant-based, it can be difficult to get all the minerals you need. For instance, you need vitamin B supplements if you are on a vegan diet, and you need to get your protein from numerous sources to get all essential amino acids. It’s not impossible, but it requires some knowledge. We have a simple solution to this problem – eating insects. Our cricket flour contains all essential amino acids, iron, calcium and Vitamin B.

Amino acids

Amino acids make up proteins in our bodies. They are necessary for muscles, immune function and for the metabolism to function optimally. There are twenty amino acids that make up proteins, of which there are eight that the body can not produce itself – we simply have to get them through our food. Essential amino acids are found primarily in animal protein such as fish, meat, eggs and milk. If you then eat a vegan diet for environmental reasons, insects are an excellent option since our cricket flour contains all the essential amino acids.


Qvicket gluten-free  cricket flour also contains iron. Did you know that iron is the most common mineral deficiency? In other words, it is crucial that we review our iron intake. Iron from plant products are not recognized as effective and can be affected by other substances. The substance is present in the blood’s hemoglobin and needed for oxygen transport in the body, from the lungs to body tissues. Iron deficiency is characterized by fatigue, pallor, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, nervousness and headaches. Crickets contain more than twice as much iron as spinach and beef. Beef  contains about 2.6 mg iron / 100g and spinach about 2.7mg / 100g, while the crickets contain about 5.5 mg iron / 100g. Pretty good huh?


Qvicket contains calcium which is important for the bones, the teeth, the nerves and also for skin and hair, blood coagulation and to maintain blood pressure. Calcium can, in some cases, reduce the risk of various types of cancer and Alzheimer’s. Calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, thinning of the bones, high blood pressure and depression.