Why I started eating insects..

Since a few years back, I have been very interested in nutrition and health. For some time, I have experimented with different diets and I have been a vegetarian because of my interest in environmental issues. After a while, however, I found myself eating soy from plantations that destroyed the nature in South America, and some vegetarian processed alternatives to meat (which were not at all healthy!).  At the same time, my diet advisor noted that I had both iron and protein deficiency, which caused me to rethink and re-evaluate how I ate.

At the same time, UN released a report on the future of food – insects. There it was. A product that meets all the demands we have on nutrients but is environmentally friendly and resource efficient. Just as resource-efficient as a plant-based diet, but with the equivalent nutritional value as animal protein. Eating insects is the solution.

For me it is important to not say no to a major food group, but rather I want to see every single food and evaluate them individually. Also, I like to explore new foods.  Today there is so much to eat besides meatballs on Tuesdays. I do not think I’m alone with this analysis. Rather it seems that people are becoming more curious and conscious about food. Rather than banning whole food groups, it  is becoming more common that we discuss the ingredients separately.

It becomes more fun and easier to develop a diet that is both tasty and healthy when we do not ban large food groups. The curiosity we have should make us question why we eat the same thing over and over again. Research shows that insects are extremely environmentally friendly and nutritious, why would it not be a part of modern diets? Very few of us have the same cell phones as ten years ago, so why do we continue to eat the same food?

“Just as resource-efficient as a plant-based diet, but with the equivalent nutritional value as animal protein.”

Who is eating insects for?

Insects are for you who care about the environment, are curious, health oriented or just a little outside the box. If you feel that you fit into any of the categories, try our cricket flour.

Does it still sounds scary? Try our cricket falafel. You will love it.

/ Josefin