Today we are welcoming and congratulating Marika! Not only is it her birthday today, she’s also worked her first week as a digital communicator at Qvicket! Marika Tedroff, studying agronomy-economics at SLU, will work with us for the coming couple of weeks.

She tells us why she thinks we should eat insects:

Why did you apply to Qvicket?

– The food industry is very exciting, and I love keeping track of all the new food trends. For a long time, we’ve consumed very traditional foods that haven’t been good for our bodies nor our planet.  We need to innovate with novel foods, and I want to be a part of that. I’ve been vegetarian for a while, but I ate too much processed foods and a lot of soy, which is not so good actually. Instead, I want to find new foods that are good for me and the environment – like insects!

What are you making with Qvickets cricket flour?

– A couple of weeks ago I made a super delicious carrot bread. I also think that I will try to make Martin Bergs pasta recipe, which is also available on the website.

Tell us something about you we do not know.

– I was actually born – aaalmost –  blind, but got normal sight after six months. Also, I’m rather introverted, and really enjoy being by myself. Most of all, I’m a very curious person and I can sit a whole night just googling and reading about things.

Marika will come to work primarily with digital communication with a view to strengthening Qvickets digital presence. She is studying agronomy-economics at SLU and is engaged in the Entrepreneurs Academy. Marika also has her own company and loves photography, and has worked in a hospital in Venezuela.